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Our Controller Upgardes

As the only Supplier for Munters (Netafim) complete greenhouse controllers. we are able to offer controller spares and upgrades to all Munters (netafim Pro) controllers. 

24v Output card.JPG

Controller Spares

All controller spares 

24v output card, dry contact card, digital input card, analogue input card, Output Card Analog 0-100%, CPU Card, Power Supply Card, Display card, Keyboard Card, 323 and 485 communication cards

Full Range of Sensors

  • Weather station 

  • CO2 Sensor

  • Temp & Humidity (VPD)

  • Radiation sensor (PAR)

  • EC

  • pH

IrriSmart WeatherStation-lr.png

Green Net

Green Net is Local (or Team viewer) communication and management PC software that can be connected to our entire line of controllers (irrigation and climate). This software supports extensive data collection and displays them in tables or colour graphs.

Green Field App

Green Field App, an advanced app used to connect to Green Field or Green Field ECO controllers, enables full management over irrigation and fertigation operations.
The remote management of the irrigation and fertigation controllers has never been made so easy and intuitive, with dashboard, hot keys, and visuals.

And can be easily connected to most Netafim irrigation/ fertigation controllers. 

IrriSmart GreenApp.png
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