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Nutrient Dissolving Systems


NDS - Fertilizer-dissolving system offers better fertilizer mixing with less labor. It is intended for farmers who currently dissolve and dilute solid fertilizers with water to obtain the desired concentration


Efficient fertiliser mixing

NutriSolve is the most efficient fertliser dissolving system. The hydraulic mixing operation uses only water pressure to generate a clean mixing operation for a more accurate fertilizer solution mix.


  • Labour cost savings.

  • More accurate fertilizer solution mix.

  • Easy Maintenance - ONLY the filter needs cleaning, once a day or as needed.

  • System Operation - hydraulic mixing, using water pressure only.

  • Mixing Process - manually or automatically



Standard - 1600 ltr

High flow - 2000 ltr

How It Works

  • Half Fill the Mixing Tank with clean water

  • Add the Nutrient/ Fertliser mix to the Dilution Basket

  • Open the dilution tap to jet the circulated water across the fertiliser in the dilution basked

  • Once the feriliser is diluted into the tank, fill the tank to the desired level

  • Turn on the Enductor Nozzles until the fertiliser completely diluted. 

  • Choose the tank you that you wish to transfer the nutrient mix to.

  • To keep the mix agitated, and avoid any settlement. agitate the holding regularly. 

Agitation Start.png

Air Agitation 

Using our Side Channel Blowing products, piped into the bottom of the stock tanks in different configuration (depending on the tank shape and size) We pump air into the stock tanks to keep the fertiliser mixture from settling. 

  • Better fertiliser mixing

  • Keeps the mixture uniform for stable dosing into the irrigation system  

  • Stops the fertiliser settling in the tanks

  • Reducing filter & dripper blockages

  • Stabilizes EC & pH control

The system can be controlled by the NDS controller, Stand alone timer or using your irrigation controller (through the agitation program). 

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