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Hydrogen peroxide Water Treatment System

H202 Disinfection Systems

Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection is is a safe and effective way to control pathogens, biofilm and bacteria in irrigation systems. 

unlike other chemicals it has also been proven to prevent the development of Phytophthora as well as increasing dissolved oxygen in the irrigation water.  


H2o2 Benefits

Effective disinfectant method for irrigation water.

  • No residue traces left on coir/soil like with Chlorine.

  • Safe handling.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide it’s a very low-cost material to purchase ready to use.

  • injecting of H2O2 slightly reduces the pH of the water,

This helps in reducing, stabilizing, and maintaining the pH level of the irrigation water.

Application Benefits

  • Keeps the irrigation lines and drip system clean of bacteria which prevents growth of organic matter and helps prevent clogging.

  • Increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the irrigation water.

  • Assist in preventing development of Phytophthora in the root zone.

  • Stabilises pH levels reducing the aplication of harmful acids and improving nutrient uptake. 

H2o2 Control

Our control Equipment ensures correct and practises dosing of the Ho2o chemicals. this ensures

  • Zero  Chemical waist. 

  • No Over dosing of chemical

  • Variable dosing rates with changes in water quality. 

  • Continues and affective treatment levels what ever the changes with flow rates or water quality.  

Advanced Control Benefits

  • Touch Screen Internet enabled Monitoring & Control system.

  • Free software for remote monitoring & control of the system via the internet by PC & Smartphone.

  • Alarms to email and automatically scheduled backups to prevent loss of data.

  • Comes as plug and play system ready to operate very easily.  

  • ORP (In & Out) sensors for automatic adjustment of the injection rate to maintain the set ppm level for accurate and safe application throughout the season when water quality might vary.

Ho2o Control.JPG

Cost Effective

Low cost, reliable, accurate and energy efficient system. Affordable Advance & Accurate management tool for the application.

Hotline Consultant

Local Support

Local & remote technical support is provided to ensure customers satisfaction.

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