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Commercial glasshouses require solutions for ventilation, temperature regulation, carbon dioxide enrichment, fertiliser and irrigation mixing (fertigation), including water recirculation, and intelligent management of all climate parameters.

IrriSmart  delivers complete and configurable solutions for horticultural applications such as electronic and mechanical climate control, irrigation and fertiliser mixing and LED lighting. Our electronic and mechanical equipment for modern horticultural production is used in almost all horticultural applications, ranging from glasshouses and indoor farming to research facilities and garden centres.

IrriSmart offers turnkey solutions built from our wide product range. Reliability, user friendliness and the possibility of combining and configuring our systems and products keep us at the forefront of the horticultural industry.


LED Lights

One of the major benefits of our LED fixtures is the ability for the grower to control the spectral distribution. Our solutions suit most modern commercial glasshouses around the world and are designed to withstand the harsh environment of a glasshouse and keep working year after year. Our LED grow lights integrate fully into our electronic climate control systems and offer dynamic control of the intensity and spectral composition of your glasshouse lighting.

Many variants of LED top lights, including light bars with lens systems, are available:

  • Fixtures that emit light in the photosynthetic active region of the visible light spectrum

  • Fixtures designed to replicate sunlight, useful for research and garden centres, for example

  • Energy savings of up to 50 % – the natural replacement for the conventional HPS systems used today

  • LED systems proven and tested with more than 3 million burn hours

Climate Control

IrriSmart supplies advanced climate computers for the monitoring and control of the complex processes in commercial glasshouses, creating the optimal climate for plants.

Logic Climate Control (LCC) computers control all climate functions. The modular system makes it easy to add more sections or climate zones, expanding the system to handle more functions and expand with more glasshouses. Furthermore, you can control and adjust remotely from any location using a tablet or smartphone.

The communication is fast and the system built up using our own software, enabling the advantages of dynamic climate control.

IrriSmart's electronic climate control products are highly reliable and can handle extreme environments. These include:

  • Logic Climate Control (LCC) products for intuitive and configurable monitoring and control from single glasshouses up to 16 climate zones

  • Climate sensors from complete weather stations to temperature, humidity and CO2 controllers available which can be added and combined as required

  • If your requirement is for an analog system comprising climate and heat regulators for simple, double or top/side vent opening control, we can supply this too

  • All systems can be combined and extended as required.

Climate Control.png
Analogue Climate.png

Analogue Climate Controller

With analogue control it is possible to buy “individual functions” and thus, invest only in what is necessary for your glasshouse. All analogue controls are supplied with sensors and weather stations that gives the sensor the information of what needs to be used. If more than one function is to be controlled, several units can be mounted to achieve a good and safe control of the parameters in the glasshouse.

IrriSmart  also supplies control relays to be mounted between the gear motor and the steering. The control relays have built-in motor protection, which comes in several different sizes.


Analogue controls can be provided for controlling:

  • Ventilation regulator for controlling ventilation windows

  • Heat regulator for control of heating valve

  • Heat and ventilation regulator, where both ventilation windows and heating valves can be controlled

  • Shade control for controlling a curtain

  • Control relays with motor protection for manual operation or switch for automatic input

  • Control relays for control of pipe motor for manual operation or switch for automatic input

  • Fire extinguishers can be purchased for the control relays allowing opening at fire signal.

Mechanical Components 

Glasshouse ventilation is important for keeping growing conditions in the glasshouse optimal. Penny UK supplies gears and racks that match perfectly the mechanical components required for opening and closing windows and screens. Our gear motors match all voltages, speeds and power sources for the European market. Torques ranges from 50 Nm to 400 Nm are available and come with fixed limit stop or torque stop, or a combination of both types. Racks and pinions are supplied in two types, depending on load requirements (variants up to 75 kg). Both types are available as straight or curved racks. Motor relays are supplied with built-in overload switches and with heat valves and various flange sizes.

IrriSmart supplies:

  • Gears and motors, covering all voltages, speeds and power sources for the European market, for vent and screen opening systems in glasshouses of any size

  • Patented racks and pinions requiring a minimum of maintenance, low noise levels, and offering high reliability, flexibility and long lifetime

  • Three-way regulating heat valve for controlling the hot water heating system.

Feed Mixer.png

Irrigation & Fertiliser Mixes

For optimal growing conditions, plants require the right amount of water on the right time. Our Ami Penta Mixer ensures that water is delivered to the plants at exactly the right time, in the right amounts, and with the correct nutrients in the correct proportion, concentration and with the pH value constantly adjusted. Furthermore, you can control and adjust remotely from any location using a tablet or smartphone.

The irrigation controller manages requirements from a touchscreen, allowing complete personalisation of the interface. All systems can be connected to our advanced climate computers for electronic climate control using our software.

IrriSmart's irrigation and fertiliser mixing (fertigation) solutions include the following products:

Compact and advanced irrigation and fertiliser mixers comprising high precision software, touchscreen and a modular construction, developed for ease of use and high reliability
Mixer solutions where everything is customisable – the pump, number of fertiliser tanks and return tank (for water reuse) – for easy system expansion later
Easy and rapid EC and pH measurement with alarms, including hand-held measurement available as an accessory.

Irrigation Software

SuperLink6 is the software that connects all Penny UK’s climate computers and irrigation and fertilizer mixers. This advanced software presents an easy way to use graphic user interface for quick configuration, precisely to your requirements. SuperLink6 provides easy and reliable control with many options for the collec­tion of climate and fertilizer data.

SuperLink6 makes it easy and fast to read and adjust the conditions in various zones, as all information can be shown and controlled directly from a central computer. Furthermore, you can control and adjust remotely from any location using a laptop, tablet or smartphone, ensuring the best possible utilisation of our advanced equipment for controlling climate, irrigation and fertilization.

  • Quick collection and storage of data

  • Flexible graphical design

  • User-friendly transfer of data to one or more zones

  • Climate recipes for quick changes

  • Flexible graphical presentation of historical data

  • Windows-based

irrigation sofware.png

Water UV Purification 

Today, water reuse is important for irrigation. Water scarcity, water costs and awareness of water management issues all contribute to the increasing use of water recirculation systems. However, water can contain bacterial and fungal and viral spores. We supply a UV disinfection system for effective water treatment, to resolve these issues.

The water purification system uses a UV lights, which are calculated to suit your flow rates and can be installed in places where water is reused and stored in tanks, from where fungal spores and bacteria can easily spread in the recirculated water. The system can be installed together with a water recirculation pump and tank, and also directly online in the water distribution system.

We deliver UV disinfection systems adjustable by water flow and transparency and available in three sizes, ranging from 10 l/min to 400 l/min.

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