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Variable Spaced Driplines

With cost of products and raw materials on the increase, we are forced to look for new cost effective ways to irrigate our substrate crops. with rising costs and labour shortages, the usual button dripper system is a very difficult solution. 

That is why IrriSmart are offering a new, cost effective, labour reducing and long lasting alternative. 


Pressure Compensted 

Offering the most uniform irrigation in the industry. This inline technology assures 100% uniformity of water and nutrient distribution in long laterals and in any topography. with a range of pipe sizes (16/20/25mm) we can extend lateral length to suit. 

Uniram CNL_edited.jpg

High Closing Pressure

When pressure drops at the end of an irrigation cycle, the CNL mechanism closes the dripper keeping pipes full of water and ready for the next cycle even on heavy slopes up to 2.5m.

Uniram Large filtrartion.jpg

Never Clogs

The industry’s biggest filtration area and water passage, plus self-cleaning technology, and self-flushing system continuously filters & flushes out debris to ensure optimal dripper performance year after year.

Uniram Spacings.jpg

Variable spacing 

Spacings available from 15cm up to 1m apart to any plant spacings and substrate requirements. 

Uniram Flow Rates.JPG

Wide range of flow rates

Variety of different flow rates (0.7, 0.85, 1.0, 1.25, 1.6, 2.0, 2.3, 3.5 L/H) can address any condition, application, crop or substrate. 

Uniram Skipped Spacing.jpg

Skipped Spacing

Our advanced skipped spacing solutions enables growers to choose groups of drippers (1-5) to be spaced specifically in a group and with a skipped spacing such as:

Potted plants - 2 or 3 drippers every 1m.

Strawberry bags/ troughs - 4 drippers @ 21cm apart with 37cm skip.

Strawberry bags/ troughs - 5 drippers @ 19cm with 24cm skip.

Uniram Longevaty.jpg

Longer working life

Due to the driplines being produced for permanent sub surface systems. our unique solution has a uniform clog free working life of 10 plus seasons. even on reusable systems. 

this is due to the innovative technologies in material, filtration and anti blockage mechanisms.

Zip Dr.jpg

Durable & Versatile

At IrriSmart, we know that when purchasing irrigation solutions, you never know what the future holds. that is why we make our solution durable and versatile. this drip line can also be used for soil grown crops. Plus, it can now be operated as a button dripper, using button connector. this be connected to: 

  • Lead and stake,

  • Manifold and stake set up

  • The New Net-Bow container system. 

  • Or even Blanked off

Uniram Root intrusion.JPG

Added root intrusion protection 

A physical barrier stops root intrusion without the need for chemicals. Plus with the XR version The drip line utilizes dynamic root protection for extra root protection.  Innovative non-migrating copper oxide resin mixed into the dripper cover inhibits root growth within the dripper labyrinth throughout its lifespan.

Uniram options.jpg

Available in black or light grey

Depending on the installation of the driplines we can offer all options in the standard black pipe or for added protection from UV and offering an addition light reflection we can now offer the solution manufactured in the light grey. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We trust in our solution and we trust they will be to your standards. Unlike other Irrigation suppliers  we work with our growers to make sure our solutions fit the need of each individual farm, nursery, garden, park or sports filed. 

Unique solutions for unique customers.

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