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Irrigation Water Treatment

Water quality can have a huge impact on the success of your farm, greenhouse, nursey, garden or sports fields.

Poor water quality can cause problems to equipment, irrigation systems, soil plant health, quality and yield. 

Understanding the quality of your water supply can help you successfully treat your water and improve plant health, irrigation performance, water and nutrient uptake, reduce the risk of disease and plant loss, and waste in water and/or fertiliser.

With water becoming more and more difficult to abstract (especially in peak season and near the coast) our water treatment solutions can help you unlock the hidden potential available (use of saline water, recycle drain water and more.)


Filtration is the removal physical particles from water. Particles in irrigation water can damage or block irrigation systems and components. Removing these particles will help protect your system from damage or failures. Filtration methods include

Depending on what particles need removing and what irrigation system you are using will determine what filtration method (or what combination) is required. 

  • Chlorine and Alcohol Free

  • No Harmful By Products

  • Proven Efficacy & Globally approved

  • Odour, Colour and Taste Free


Safer Than Using Acids and Aggressive Chemicals. 

Hydrogen Peroxide H202 Disinfection 

Hydrogen peroxide has a wide range of uses for Horticulture and Agriculture. As a cleaning and disinfection product this can be used for:

  • Sterilising pots, trays and equipment. 

  • Keeping irrigation systems clean, sludge and pathogen free. 

  • Keeping water oxygenated 

  • kills 99.9% of algae's, bacteria and disease 

  • reduces the spread of algae's and airborne disease 

  • General cleaning and disinfection 

  • Poly Tunnel and greenhouse cleaning and disinfection. 

  • Algae removal 

we offer Hydrogen Peroxide in several different volumes from 5 ltr - 1000 ltr., as well as different strengths  from 3% - 50% concentrate. ​

For Water treatment we offer bespoke dosing systems depending on water quality and system flow rate. 


Disinfection has many benefits to irrigation systems, plant and soils. Depending on the water supply and connect will determine what level and method is required to treat your irrigation water. 

IrriSmart offer are range of non chemical and chemical solutions depending the level of control required and personal choice. 

Chemical Treatment 

  • Hydraulic controlled dosing

  • Electric controlled dosing 

Depending what chemical and strength you choose to apply.​

Non Chemical Treatment

  • UV Disinfection. 

Irrigation 4D.jpg

Irrigation Aqua-4D

Electro magnetic treatment is an effective treatment solution that has a vast amount of benefits including:

· Increasing soil moisture
· Solving salinity
· Preventing clogging
· Managing nematodes
· Increasing nutrient uptake
· Improving root development

IrriSmart sourced solutions monitor and modify the molecular make-up within the water.

This low energy, no maintenance modular system is a game changer for effective water use efficiency while also prolonging the life of irrigation systems, reducing fertiliser and radiating loss from nematode damage.


The removal of salt from saline water. 

Our desalination treatments come in the form of reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis generates purified water for drinking, cleaning, and food production.

Reverse osmosis is a process for creating pure water by separating and removing the dissolved solids present in water. It is a safe and chemical free method for generating a constant supply of high-quality water for commercial and industrial applications.

Our solutions aim for a recovery rate of 75%.

Reverse osmosis water has a high purity level which is suitable for many manufacturing processes and to treat borehole water. Reverse osmosis plants do not need to regenerate and there’s no downtime. ROs produce a continuous flow of water.

RO Treatment.jpg

Aeration / Oxidation

IrriSmart - AquaAir Ultra provides reservoirs, tanks, ponds and lakes with superior aeration, circulation, and destratification.

Dissolved oxygen (DO) levels are increased throughout the entire water column with the use of bottom-mounted diffusers. The diffusers employ a super fine micro-bubble technology resulting in the highest diffuser oxygen transfer rate (OTR) available today. The micro-bubbles draw water from the pond floor to the surface where atmospheric

Oxygenated water improves the water quality of a water source, kills and inhibits the growth of algae's & micro worms plus promotes water and nutrient uptake by plants resulting in significant water and fertiliser savings.

Run-off & water recycling 

Due to current abstraction restrictions, added pressure from government and lowering water levels, we are forced to look for new and innovative ways to water our crops. Recycled drain or run off water is the ideal solution.

Collection and treatment of this water, until now was challenging. But now we have a range of solutions to tackle this problem. 

Each farm or nursey is different and, therefore, we offer bespoke solutions depending on size, crop(s), required treatment and what the recycled water is used for. 

Most of the solutions use a combination of several stage treatments that are bespoke for requirements and contaminates in the water. 

  • RO

  • Absorption 

  • Ion exchange 

  • Oxidisation

  • Iron / Manganese removal 

  • Nitrate/ Sulphate removal

  • Electrode ionization

  • Disinfection

find out more by contacting our experts today. 

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