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Irrigation, Fertigation and Climate Control

The most advanced cloud based systems for horticulture and greenhouse irrigation, fertigation & climate control & monitoring.


IrriSmart is proud to introduce the exciting Galcon web based control systems. 

A game changer to online (App) based control and monitoring for UK horticulture and greenhouse growers.

  • Simple to use with easy to manage feature.

  • The cloud-based control come with 2 option Galileo and GSI pro.

  • The stand-alone system comes with dedicated PC software and can control irrigation and climate from 1 computer.

  • Modular and flexible expansion

  • Multiple different mixing option

    • Inline

    • Bypass

    • Mixing tank

    • Pre-Dosing and Tank circulation (1 channel)

    • Option for electric analogue dosing valves (replacing the on/off dosing valves) ensuring maximum precision and smooth control of EC and pH.

  • Depending on the controller selected you can operate 50 mainlines.

  • Can collect sensor date from cable, Remote wires units and cloud based smart sensors.

  • Use a wide verity of analogue and digital sensor to manage and protect the irrigation system.




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