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Wise Monitoring Solutions

IrriSmarts Wise-IrriSystem. The monitoring system with a difference. 

IrriSmart and the Wise IrriSystem offers growers of any plant or crop, in either soil or substrate, the information, data, interpretation and action to maximise quality, yield and profitability, while huge saving water, fertilisers and energy. 

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Wise Decision Making

Using Site Information and analysis along with the data from the sensor in the field we able to interpret and advise the grower to make the correct decisions at the right time.

(Or automate and communicate directly with the irrigation system)

Our Complete offering and solutions include

A survey of the soil or substrate along with the environment and the crop.

The installation of a variety of sensors

These are used to monitor and a decision-making tool or to control the irrigation, nutrition, and climatic variables

Training process for the grower/ farmer. This helps our customers to understand the data and use it in the correct way.


The Solution Process

WIKIT- Autonomous Equipment

Wikit is the auto installable version of Wise, it registers the sensors measurements and send them directly to the cloud.

Wikit uses a battery powered by a solar panel, and specially adapted for farms that need a reduced number of stations.

Wikit is a portable device easily moved to different locations.

Available with 4G/3G/2G, Narrow Band (LTE) and SigFox offering the best coverage.



Soil productivity depends not only on the nutritional contents but on the physical characteristics as well. The plant growth is closely linked to the root development, which needs a proper balance between aeration and humidity.

Wise Methodology creates the proper conditions to avoid unnecessary stress of the plant. By doing so, the plant uses most of its energy for production and quality

Water is a very valuable asset, in Wise, our work is aimed to optimize it’s use, directly contributing with the environment sustainability.


Air temperature and humidity Graphic with VPD

From the VPD values the user obtains information about the level of the plant transpiration and when a stomatal closure occurs, in which case he can avoid unnecessary fertigation.

The user is notified to his smartphone extreme values

It also calculate the accumulation of heat units/minute.

Tension Graphics

Our high precision electronic tensiometers measure the water tension in different soil depth.

The tension interval boundaries are determined by a soil analysis in our laboratory from which we obtain the real water retention curve enabling the user to perform a precise irrigation from day one.

This analysis helps the user understand how his soil works.

In that way, comparing the actual water tension in soil with the recommended tension, the user can make his adequate decisions.

quality quantity yeild.png

Quantity and Yield Improvement

Reduce Water Consumption.png

Reduction in water and inputs consumption


Better profitability

Enviromental Impact.png

Environmental impact

How we do it



of the water retention capacity of the soil or Substrate



of the soil or substrate and climate conditions


Training/ Coaching

of the user and customized counselling



to assure operational continuity

Incorporated sensors and accessories

we offer an extended range of sensors to cover all your monitoring needs

Soil Tensiometer

Soil Tensiometer

Substrate Tensiometer

Substrate Tensiometer

Pot Tensiometer

Pot Tensiometer

Soil moisture & EC

Soil moisture & EC

Drainage / Run-off

Drainage / Run-off

Liquid EC

Liquid EC

VPD/ Heat units (Temp & Humidity)

VPD/ Heat units (Temp & Humidity)

Leaf Humidity

Leaf Humidity

Leaf Temperature

Leaf Temperature



Radiation (PAR)

Radiation (PAR)

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