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Everything You Need to Grow Smarter

IrriSmart ltd has all the irrigation and growing solutions you need. From the essentials, to specialty items, we’ve got everything you need, all in one place. When you purchase from us, you’re guaranteed quality products, expert advice, customer care and manufacturer's warranty covering all our products.


Drip Lines

Driplines are the perfect solution for irrigating all soil grown row crops such as soft fruit, top/stone fruit, veg & salad crops.

With a wide variety of flow rates and spacings we’ve got all the perfect products you need to keep your crops and plants looking healthy and beautiful.

IrriSmart products offer the highest uniformity of any dripline making them the perfect solution for on surface and sub surface irrigation.

We offer an effective range of thin, medium and thick wall options to suit every budget, soil type, crop and topography. .

Take the guesswork out, and let our IrriSmart Ltd experts help get your business growing in the right direction.

Now available, variable spaced Driplines, the perfect low cost solution for substrate grown crops without sacrificing uniformity and precision. 

Drip Irrigation

At IrriSmart Ltd, we carry top-quality, durable products that help make installation straightforward and easy to use. On top of this, we pride our Drip Irrigation products on being the most precise solution on the market with the widest range of uniform flow rates available.

We also have a wide range of practical, labour saving solutions like pre assembled dripper sets, pre punched pipe & fully assembled drippers, pre mounted into 4BAR punched pipe. All of these solution's will make your installation work easier and more efficient. If you’re in need of Irrigation Solutions, we’ve got you covered.


Micro Sprinklers

Make your greenhouse and protected crops stand out with a wide range of micro sprinkler options. 

IrriSmart Micro Sprinklers are not only used for irrigation, we offer solutions for fogging, misting, cooling, frost protection, chemical application and pest/disease control.

Our products are built to last and can fit any project, of any size and application. 

Use our expert advice and solutions on your next project, your plants will thank you!

New - Pressure compensated micro sprinklers, the perfect solution for trees and top fruit crops with wide root areas. This innovative solution will deliver uniform water and nutrient precisely where your plants need it. 


IrriSmart Ltd is the UK leader in precision irrigation solutions for sustainable agriculture. We achieve optimal results with our drip irrigation solutions. However, not all growers and farms suit this method, therefore, we offer many different sprinkler options giving excellent uniformity, no matter what the layout of the site, soil type or crop. This, together with the innovative FlexNet and Mega Stand, is the perfect solution, saving time on installation, movable between seasons/crops, simple to use, and providing excellent longevity. 

If you're interested in getting more out of your field while saving time and water, contact our IrriSmart expert for a site visit. 

Seasonal maintenance and site layout/design services are also available for all our crop rotation solutions and products.



With any irrigation system, filtration is required. IrriSmart Filtration options offer the highest protection for your irrigation system. Depending on what type of irrigation system you have, how big the system set up is, your water source and quality determines the filtration degree and method. 

At IrriSmart we work with our suppliers to make sure we offer all filtration methods and degrees in order to meet the demand of all of our growers. 

From 500micron down to 22micron, using Screen Filters, Disk Filters and Sand Filters (manual, semi auto and fully automatic).

In addition to these we also offer water treatment solutions such as RO, UV, Electromagnetic and a range of chemical treatments (Chlorine and Hydrogen Peroxide). 

Unsure of what the best filtration/treatment is for you? Our IrriSmart experts are here to help.


Valves in irrigation are used to control and manage the precise delivery of water and nutrients.  Our manual valves are available form 1/2" inline valves up-to 10" (or 250mm).
They can be threaded, union, flanged or glue connections, and are also available in automatic. IrriSmart proudly supply the full rage of valves ensuring every project or system is working to its optimum. 
The IrriSmart control valves are both powerful and reliable.  Available in plastic or metal, giving you remarkable hydraulic performance and impeccable control over your irrigation system.
Control valves are available with 24Vac, 24Vdc, 12Vdc and 240V solenoid control. They can be operated as normally open or normally closed and can also operate as pressure reducing, pressure regulating, pressure sustaining and many more. All this makes IrriSmart the one stop shop for valves. Our IrriSmart Technical Valve Experts are available to assist you at any time with your control needs.

PE Fittings.jpg

PE Pipe

Get the right PE (Polyethylene) pipe for your next irrigation project at IrriSmart. We supply top-quality, durable products that help make your irrigation perform how it is designed to. With manufactures in the UK and Holland we can offer off the shelf or made to order PE pipe at any size and pressure rating between 4 (LDPE) and 16 bar (PE100). The widest range of pipe available.
The quality of pipe you use determines how it is installed, what fittings are compatible and the longevity of the system. Irrigation systems installed today are usually planned for life. Using the wrong pipe will significantly reduce this to 10-15 years (or less with aggressive fertiliser/acid use). Make your investment last. Choose IrriSmart, we’ve got you covered.

PE Fittings

IrriSmart supply Compression and Electrofusion fittings for PE pipe connections. Using several different suppliers and manufactures enables IrriSmart to offer an extensive range of fittings, sizes and configurations designed for high pressures, up to 16 bar.

IrriSmart products range from budget fittings to high quality residential fittings, we have the product to suit your project or repair, with more than one option in every size. Contact IrriSmart Customer Support for more options. 



IrriSmart PVC Pipe Range. PVC Pipe offers long service life. It is light and easy to handle, comes in a large range of sizes (up to 400mm) for large flowrate irrigation systems. We offer a wide range of pressure, classes and connection types. Connection types are Glue Sockets or Rubber Ring Sleeves. Glue fittings are usually preferred as they give an easy, leak free connection. Although, when working with pipe over 110/125mm, rubber ring is usually the better option.  This is also the preferred connection for when glue is not an option i.e. low temperatures or wet and damp conditions. 
When selecting PVC pipe, it is recommended to go for a higher class and pressure rating than required. This is due to external factors that lower the density and pressure rating of the pipe. PVC is also susceptible to frost damage and must be properly drained and protected.

PVC Fittings

IrriSmart PVC Pipe Fittings selection has a complete assortment of connection and sizes to suit any projects, small or large. This makes these fittings ideal for a wide range of applications, systems and set-up.  They keep installation looking clean and leak free. 

If you are not used to gluing, our IrriSmart Technical Advice team are here to help point you in the right direction. 

For small manifold and feeding system manifolds, we can pre build (with union connection) and easily fit into your system.


Landscape & Sports Turf

Make your garden or sports turf stand out with our premium irrigation products and solutions. We provide all the equipment and supplies you need to complete your residential or sports area irrigation work so that you can start enjoying your outdoor haven. IrriSmart is always fully stocked with a wide selection of products from garden sprinklers and Driplines to high performance professional Pop-Up Sprinklers so that your turf or garden never gets neglected.
Most Groundsmen/Greenkeepers can never be everywhere at once and along with home owners, from time to time need a holiday. Don't worry, we can offer control and monitoring systems to fit every size and budget, leaving the irrigation to take care of itself. With the Wi-Fi enabled control systems, you can control and monitor from anywhere in the world. 
Whatever your project, whatever the size, our IrriSmart Experts Will Deliver.

Water Tanks/Fertiliser Tanks

IrriSmart Tank Options offer the perfect fit for any application. Our steel tank options are ideal for large holding capacity exceeding 250m3. Easy to install and repair, we can offer a range of covers, roofs and take offs to accommodate all budgets. Ideal for large agricultural irrigation projects (can also be supplied in green to suit your environment).
Our plastic tank range is suited to smaller horticulture and sports turf projects (up-to 90m3). For more capacity multiple tanks can be linked together. Produced in the UK with made to order and off the shelf tanks we can offer a full range of shapes and sizes to fit your project. 
Chemical and Fertiliser tanks built from the highest quality materials are the perfect way to store and mix your feed and chemical products safely. 
If you need help Choosing a tank or not sure what size you require, our IrriSmart experts can give you the correct advice with just a few simple questions.

digital Farminbg.png

Digital Farming

IrriSmart Ltd is the only irrigation company with a full range of digital farming solutions that offer true online control and monitoring of irrigation, soil and growing media conditions, climate conditions, crop conditions and much more.  We have a huge range of control, monitoring and AI solutions available plus we offer solutions to interact with any other 3rd party sensors, monitoring platform, irrigation advisers and agronomist. This allows for the highest level of control, management and advice all in one place. Bringing all of these together offers unmeasurable benefits to crops, labour and resources. 
get in touch with our advisers and learn how IrriSmart Digital Farming and AI can benefit your farm, greenhouse, controlled environment projects and vertical growing.

Dosing & Fertigation

Dosing and Fertigation is an essential part of Horticulture and Agriculture. Fertigation is the precise aplication of fertilisers, acids and chemicals to a crop. By applying a precise amount you are able to measure and control the aplication to your crops. This minimises over or under feeding and enables you to change the feeding rates as your crop changes and minimises leaching/wastage. 

At IrriSmart we offer a full range of dosing and fertigation solutions to fit any system. From Venturi dosing to precise proportional injectors and EC/pH control fertigation machines.

All of these solutions come as either standardised units that fit most systems, expandable manifolds or bespoke purpose built system to fit your needs exactly. Our bespoke options come as pre built or in kit form to be assembled on site.

In most cases the pre built systems are built in the uk. 

growing system.jpg

Growing Systems

IrriSmart Ltd recognises the need for Soft Fruit to move into a more sustainable way of growing, with much of the UK land not able to accommodate crops such as Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries. Substrate growing systems are becoming more and more popular. 
At IrriSmart, we are also moving with the times and have been working closely with our network of suppliers. We offer a full range of growing systems for substrate and hydronic growing.  Whether outdoors, under tunnels or in greenhouses or glasshouse we have the right growing system to fit you. 
Our table top systems are second to non in terms of quality and longevity and perfect for outdoor or polytunnel strawberries.
With bespoke gutter systems we can accommodate a huge range of greenhouse/glasshouse grown crops. these can be installed on legs or suspended from your structure for easier maintenance. 
Looking to get more out of your greenhouse? IrriSmart also supply swinging gutter systems allowing you to grow more crop in a tighter space. the swinging system means you don't have to allow for for spraying ally-ways or room for picking. These can swing from side to side, moving the crops for when these tasks need to be carried out. 
Expanding from 5-7 rows per bay to 10-12 (UPTO 50% MORE CROP PER BAY).

Greenhouse and Growing Structures

IrriSmart Ltd, we are the market leader in innovative irrigation and growing solutions and that includes crop protection, fruit tunnels, and plastic & glass greenhouses. 
These, combined with our irrigation, fertigation control, monitoring and AI solutions allows growers to keep growing all year round. 
Whatever the structure you are investing in, we have the solution for you. 
IrriSmart, along with our suppliers, offer complete project management of your project form design and ROI calculation to informed plans, installation support and irrigation and control management, ensuring your investment is completely protected throughout the life of the project.   
All of our structures are manufactured to the highest quality and each system is designed to fit and withstand your climate and conditions making sure your crop is protected and growing to its optimum, 360 days per year. 
No matter what the crop, no matter what location, IrriSmart greenhouse and growing structures are the perfect partner for your investment.

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