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Raindrops on Leaf

Rain Water Collection

Making Water Work For You

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Where Can I Harvest Rain Water From

Rain Water can be collected from a roof space including:

  • House Roof

  • Sheds and Barns

  • Green houses or Poly Tunnels 

How Much Can I Collect

The Amount of water you can collect comes down to:

  • The area of the Roof Space 

  • Rain Fall in a given week, month or year.

We can help you calculate what you can expect to harvest in an average year. although the collections system should be designed for the worse case scenario or allow for over flow drainage should a unexpected whether even happen. 

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What Can This Be Used For

The collected water can be used for:

  • Irrigation or watering plants and crops. 

  • Crop Spraying - crop protection applications 

  • Mixing fertilisers

  • Cleaning and washing equipment, yards or structures.

  • Cooling systems 

  • Dust Suppression

  • And Much More with proper treatment.  

What ever you are planning to use your free water supply for. IrriSmart experts can offer advice on how much water you will require.

What is used to collect the water

Depending on where you are collecting water from along with how much and how long you want to hold the water for there are several option:

  • Plastic storage Tanks - these are used for small to medium sizes projects (or larger projects where you have several collection points).

  • Steal Water Storage Tanks - used for larger projects where you a looking to collect large amount of water and hold for some time. (Covers should be used to stop Algae building the tank.)

  • Lakes and Revivors - when you are looking to collect water through the winter months to use for seasonal crops or plants it is recommended to invest in a lake or reservoir. this allows you to collect and store huge amounts of water with long storage. also offers natural and environmental benefits. 

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