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Sprinkler Irrigation

Field sprinklers are fast becoming the more popular solution 
for a lot of crops. This is mainly due to our high level layout design, 
improved sprinkler performance and new and improved complimentary 
products, flexible pipes and ease of installation.
Our range of sprinklers can cover anything from a short ranged 1m 
to a long ranged 30m, with optimum uniformity for outdoor sprinklers. 
We offer longer range sprinklers for larger area coverage. This means 
the investment is now lower than ever, with the added benefit of 
installation savings and movable systems. Field sprinklers are 
the future.

Sprinkler Irrigation Product Range

The hand selected range of sprinklers on offer from IrriSmart are chosen due to there robustness, performance and coverage. 

The range delivers high efficiency water coverage season after season ensuring plants and crops are uniformly irrigated improving growth, production and yields.

Our range of sprinklers are used for open field vegetable, orchard production and frost protection, to foggers and misters for greenhouse production and everything in between. 



Lower pressure ‘butterfly’ sprinkler with rotating spinner and frame which provides improved water distribution. • Die-cast zinc body, stainless steel spindle, plastic spinner and brass nut

Flexable Pipe

Flexible, light weight pipe. that offers leak free portable irrigation. 

Pipes have pre installed 1/2" threaded outlets (spaced to suit) for quick and easy installation. and easily rolled up in to compact coils ideal for Trasporting and storing. 

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