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Our range of sprinkler can cover anything from Short range 1m to long range 30m with extreme uniformity for out door sprinklers. With longer range springer covering lager areas. This means the investment is now lower than ever and with the installation savings and movable systems. Field sprinklers are the future.


Impact Sprinklers

When irrigating field vegetables with up to 10x10 meters spacing, MegaNet, with its innovative “fortress” impact sprinkler design, gives you excellent crop uniformity while preventing issues caused by insects, poor water quality or field machine damage.

Arm Impact Sprinklers

For field vegetable growers looking to achieve excellent crop uniformity with large and varied spacing above 10x10 meters, 3D-arm impact sprinklers offer maximum water-use efficiency.



Lower pressure ‘butterfly’ sprinkler with rotating spinner and frame which provides improved water distribution. • Die-cast zinc body, stainless steel spindle, plastic spinner and brass nut

Flexable Pipe

Flexible, light weight pipe. that offers leak free portable irrigation. 

Pipes have pre installed 1/2" threaded outlets (spaced to suit) for quick and easy installation. and easily rolled up in to compact coils ideal for Trasporting and storing. 

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