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IrriSmart Ltd are a innovative and fast progressing company that offer solutions in all areas of precision growing. To keep our growers and customers up to speed with what we are up to, projects and new products/solutions, we update regular stories and news for new and existing customers to stay up to date with all IrriSmart solutions and innovations.

Irrigation Training Day 5.JPG

Irrigation Training Day 

We hope all attendees enjoyed last weeks Irrigation Training Day as much as we did in delivering it!

With special thanks to Tyfu Cymru Growing Wales for organising the event, all Bellis Brothers for your input and for also hosting the day, and ADAS Horticulture for your support..

If your interested in booking a bespoke Training event, get in touch today and find out how e can help. 

Irrigation training backed by agronomical advice and manufactuers technical support. 

IrriSmart Ltd to Attend Four Oaks Trade Show on the Shows 50th Anniversary 

Blueberry Monitoring.jpg

Blueberry Irrigation and Monitoring

IrriSmart Blueberry customer has bee expanding there blueberry empire year on year. For 2021 season they have made the step into container substrate production.
During early 2021IrriSmart have been helping over come the challengers associated with converting to substrate growing methods.
Using there existing infrastructure and some reworking of the irrigation system IrriSmart helped our grower achieve 100% Uniform irrigation and fertigation across all the new potted plants. 
The Drip Irrigation lines was supplied as fully assembled systems (with drippers installed into the Pre-punched pipe at 25cm spacing). this not only reduced the lead time in a very time pressured period for the grower, but reduced the installation time by 40% (also reducing labour costs).
Along with the irrigation system, IrriSmart also supports and advises with a Irrigation, moisture and field EC/pH (online) monitoring system. This system gives real time field conditions information from 6 station to help the grower make the correct irrigation and fertigation decisions to ensure they get the best possible crop, quality and yield.

Table Top Growing System

IrriSmart soft fruit customer chooses our high quality table top growing system for the 2021 strawberry project. The system imported through IrriSmart Ltd will support up to 140,000 plants for production in 2022. The Project is secured after a successful 2020 installation of a complete new irrigation system and ongoing project support package.

Table Top System.png

Complete Project Management

Fruit Grower converting from Soil Grown Strawberries and Raspberries in to Substrate Table-Top system. 

IrriSmart Ltd provided the complete project support from water source (Bore Hole), Irrigation 55,000 drippers (Complete Automation) to Tunnel, Table top systems, plus Substrate and plant advise.

This project also came with IrriSmart yearly support package that includes, 

  • Irrigation advise 

  • Fertigation advise

  • Online control support and monitoring

  • Periodic visits to ensure 100% efficient irrigation and fertigation,

  • Issue resolving and advise

  • Irrigation Auditing ensuring 100% uniformity (irrigation, fertigation) in the field and reduction in waste resources.  

  • System Start-up and winterisation programs 

  • And much more. 

IrriSmart Pride ourselves by ensuring each and every customer get the best possible support with our packages. ​

Sand Filtration System

IrriSmart Supplies Large Sand Filtration System to UK Soft Fruit Grower. Ensuring Irrigation water is properly filtered and protecting the growers irrigation and crop investment.
Our sand filter come in a large range of configurations from single manual filters to 8 filter fully controlled arrays. When choosing the correct filters, size and configuration you should consider flowrates and dirt load of your water source. 
What every your filtration needs contact IrriSmart experts now for more information. let IrriSmart help protect your investment.

Sand Filters.jpg
Container Pump House.jpg

New Substrate Strawberry & Raspberry System

Another UK grower chooses IrriSmart Ltd to supply a complete Irrigation project for there new Substrate Soft Fruit Production. IrriSmart Provides everything:

  • Water Storage Tank,

  • Pre Insulated/ Pre Drillers irrigation container,

  • Fertigation system,

  • Feed Tank Control and Mixing System,

  • Online Control and monitoring 

  • All Pipes and Fittings

  • 100% Uniform Irrigation 

  • Pre assembled drip system

  • And full design and project support. 

Doing more for Growers to Grow Smarter with IrriSmart. 

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