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Irrigation System Servicing

Irrigation systems are only as efficient as the maintenance provided. Periodic servicing of your system and its components is essential to keep your system at its optimum and ensuring system longevity. Over time the build up of fertiliser residue, calcium, algae and biofilm can effect your systems performance. At IrriSmart we offer different levels of servicing to suit both your system and budget to ensure you continue to grow without issues. Thorough irrigation servicing is also proven to increase production/yield and as we are able to provide you with this service, we save you time, energy and head aches. 


Tank Treatment 

The irrigation tank is where most problems first occur. Water is relatively static here and during the warmer months, perfect conditions present for algae growth. We can offer a 1 hour, 8 hour or 24 hour treatment that will assist in the clean, kill pathogens and reduce biofilm. 

Tank Cleaning

At some stage during their life cycle, irrigation tanks require a complete clean. How to approach this depends on the water supply and filtration, however, the more regular the process is carried out, the greater the longevity of the tank and liner material can be achieved. 

The process of tank cleaning includes draining the tank, cleaning out any debris, cleaning the tank with a low chemical mixture, rinsing off and re-filling the tank. If the water has high levels of organic matter we can apply a small level of chemical to reduce the growth. 

Container Pump House.jpg

Fertiliser Tank Cleaning

Depending on the fertiliser used and the mixing or agitation method adopted, fertiliser tanks require regular cleaning. Throughout the season can be problematic, therefore, an end of season clean is a must. 

These tanks must be cleaned and rinsed thoroughly before any chemical treatment. 

Filter Cleaning

It is a common mistake when opting for a self cleaning filter that it will not require any maintenance. In this instance, 'Self Cleaning' means the filter keeps itself operational as best as possible despite the condition. All filters require regular maintenance. Without an operational filter you will become exposed to many problems across the rest of the system. Filter cleaning, chemical treatment and an operational service will help put your mind at ease for the start of the new season. 

Filter Before Cleaning.jpg
Pump House4.jpg

Pump House Clean

During the season there is a lot going on. We drop things, create leaks, spill fertilisers, chemicals and acids, and often store other equipment here. Keeping this area clean and dry prolongs the life of the system dramatically. Although most products are rated as waterproof, moisture can create real issues, especially when fertiliser and acids are at risk of being mixed in. We will clear out any debris and clean down the pump house/control area.

Pipe and System  Treatment

During the season dirt, fertiliser algae's and biofilm build up across the whole system. If left untreated the system will start to experience hydraulic issues. Pipes build up a layer of dirt around the wall that reduces the diameter of the pipe and, in turn, reducing down stream pressure and requiring pumps to work harder. This also impacts all other moving parts of the system, reducing performance and, over time, deteriorating the system.  

Dirty pipe 3.jpg
Spay Line.jpg

Irrigation Lines Treatment and Flushing

As with the pipes and fittings, the irrigation lines and emitters are subject to build up of organic and chemical material. The spray lines are usually a small diameter to begin with, so reduced performance will present at a quicker rate, over a shorter period of time. The emitters are usually very small and will block quickly if not treated. 

The spray lines and emitters are also subject to high temperatures throughout the season which can trigger the growth of any organic matter such as algae that can quickly block up emitters. 

General Horticulture Cleaning/Disinfection 

During the season we offer a range of cleaning and disinfection services from pressure washing walkways, cleaning out poly tunnels and brushing off plant areas, to cleaning tunnels and green houses (improving light), algae treatment and area disinfection.

  • The chemicals and the rate we apply are not harmful to the plants, in fact they are proven to reduce pest and disease and can also be applied as a fog crop protection product. 

  • Applied regularly through water will not only keep your system clean, but will help keep root disease at bay as well as oxygenating the water, increasing nutrient uptake. 

Image by Abigail Lynn

Constant Water Treatment Systems

Our Service can be called upon time and time again. We recommend irrigation systems should be serviced seasonally/yearly (in some cases more frequently). We also offer the installation of chemical dosing systems to keep your system clean all year round. This system continually injects small amounts of chemical into the system ensuring the system remains clean all year round. This also has many other benefits for plants and soil, and reduces disease. 

Installed, serviced and monitored by IrriSmart experts.

Crop Protection Solutions

Our chemical range has been proven to be very effective as a crop protection product as well as a disinfection product. IrriSmart also offer a range of crop protection applicators for all size farms, greenhouses and nurseries. With a range of sizes and operation methods we have a bespoke solution for you, saving you time, effort and your plants. 

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