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Fertigation - the process of applying fertiliser together with irrigation to maximise water and nutrients take up by of plants and crops.

At IrriSmart we supply the most effective and efficient fertigation systems. Our fertigation systems are designed to offer uniform, precise control and fertiliser saving aplication, with quick return on investment. the range offers simple, easy to use and longevity to any crop, farm of greenhouse.  



Wrap Around

The IrrFert wrap around system is designed to offer complete flexibility to fit into virtually any system (new or old). Using a system pump the wrap around system used the suction and pressure to seamlessly and accurately inject nutrients to a target EC and pH.



The IrriFert Bypass uses a built in pump to become a stand alone system that can provide flowrates up-to 250m3/hr. The bypass systems continuously provides optimal fertiliser, EC and pH control. enabling maximum nutrient uptake from you crop. 



Booster Pump

The IrriJet buster pump systems offer highly advanced nutrient dosing with any pressurised or non pressurised system. The system can come with or with out an additional  pump and ensures 100% efficient nutrient dosing for any irrigation system. 


Mixing Tank System

The IrriMix mixing tank system offer the most advanced and accurate dosing. Using an built in mixing tank the system continual monitors and mixes precise fertiliser and acid to ensure precise levels of EC and pH are achieved directly to the plants. perfect solution for high value hydroponics and controlled environment growing systems. 

GreenLine Dosing.jpg


Hydraulic Dosing Pumps

The GreenLine is used in many applications - examples include drip & sprinkler irrigation, hydroponics, pH correction & post-harvesting treatments . Since it offers a consistent proportional dose rate, the GreenLine can add flexibility to irrigation & fertigation systems.

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