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Tips & Resources

Helping you Irrigate and Grow Smarter

As IrriSmart are experienced irrigation professional, the best thing we can do for our community and customers is to help spread our knowledge. That’s why we now offer tips, tricks, resources and video clips to help all you crops grow healthy, save you time and ensure your irrigation and growing investment give you exactly what you expected.
Learn what is required in an irrigation system, how to protect your investment, tips on how to improve performance, how to measure your systems performance and what products will best suit your crops and plans (+ much more).

Irrigation System - Winterisation

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All irrigation systems should be protected against freezing conditions. This includes flushing out driplines & laterals, draining all pipes & components, ensuring pump houses/ irrigation rooms are insulated & heated plus insulating any exposed pipes, Components & valves.   
Irrigation and pump controllers are advised to be left powered, this keeps the electrical component warm and reduces humidity build up. 
For more advise and information on winterisation contact our experts to ensure your system protected over the winter periods.

Lightening Protection - 2-wire control system

2-wire control systems are commonly used across the UK in Agriculture, Horticulture and Sports Irrigation. These systems are a great cost effective long range solution for irrigation control and can also be used to transfer data. 
However these systems should be installed and designed by trained engineers and under the guidance of manufacture specifications. 
lightening damage is the single biggest risk to these system. If proper lightening protection is not installed, the losses can be anything from faulty valves or decoder issues to damage control systems leaving you with expensive bill. 
IrriSmart offer a full checklist and advise on how to protect your system should you have any concerns. contact our experts for advise.

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Air Release.jpg

Air releasing systems - Can save upto 20% in energy costs.

IrriSmart Ltd offer a wide range of air valves to release unwanted air from irrigation supply pipes. 

How is air a problem? - Air builds up in pipe lines on slopes. due to gravity the air pushes back against the water on the downward slopes. This in effect reduces the pipe diameter. 

Because of this, the irrigation pump are required to working harder to give you your required flow rate and pressure. The more downward slope you have in your system the harder the pump is required to work. 

With the IrriSmart properly located air valves, we can reduce how hard your pump is required to work and therefore reduce the power consumption on the pump saving you energy cost and prolonging the life of your pump. 

For more advice on air release valves and where they should be installed our advisers are on hand to help. 

- For systems that require regular draining down, you should install a air intake valve, this is covered in a separate link - "Air Introduction prolongs the life of your Irrigation Investment"

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Tips & Resources: Video

IrriSmart Drip Irrigation

The Widest Range on the Market

IrriSmart drip irrigation solutions, we don't only have the widest range on the market but we are also the most uniform and unrivalled. find out how and wire our drippers are the very best on the market. 

  • If your looking to invest in a quality irrigation product or system contact our experts to organise a site visit and we will design the perfect system to ensure your uniformity. 

IrriSmart ltd - Offer Netbow

An Innovative Container/ Pot Irrigation Solution

IrriSmart Constantly Strives to offer the best solutions available, And this is truly one of them. Netabow is a multi-outlet system that can be connected a wide range of drippers and driplines. simply choose the required amount of water per pot, how you would like to connect and let Netbow evenly distribute the water across the pot ensuring 100% uniform coverage of the plats root system. 
watch the clip and contact our experts for more information or a sample.

Tips & Resources: Video

IrriSmart Arable Irrigation Solutions

Save Time, Labour and Money, While Improving your Yields and Quality.

IrriSmart Arable and agricultural drip  irrigation solutions can have huge saving on Water, Fertiliser, Energy, Labour, Investment

All while increasing Yield, Quality, Field Conditions, And Profitability 

All of our solutions are tailor made fit individual growers needs, crops, farm layout and budget. all the systems are easily scalable and can be operated manually or fully automated (with or with out fertiliser aplication system). ​

get InTouch today and find out how IrriSmart Arable Irrigation Solution can help your Crop. 

Tips & Resources: Video
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