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Senmatic’s Intelligent Irrigation Program (SiiP) is a Fully Automatic Feed & Irrigation Control That Thinks for Itself!

The Fully automatic SiiP system receives a live constant update from in-field sensors via multicore or 2-wire by the revolutionary Mk3 Decoder. The user sets up their target set-points, based on their growing requirements, sits back and focuses on the actual growing of the plants.

The SiiP system takes out the worry regarding, exactly what level of irrigation and feeding is required, when compared to the traditional methods of monitoring your irrigation by hand every 1 to 2 hours or every 30 minutes by radio, assuming no missed signals!


Features & Benefits

  • Save water and fertiliser by optimum irrigation

  • Increased yield and high plant quality with minimised risk of diseases

  • The automated irrigation system saves labour

  • Short return on investment

  • Satisfy customer’s need for uniform products

  • Standard software included for the whole set-up

  • Work with real time data

  • Prevent accumulation of fertiliser by EC regulation on radiation / run-off amount and EC

  • Keep all data in-house – ease the data integration

  • Ideal for Soft Fruit production in gutters – but is, of course, also suitable for other kinds of produce and horticulture.


SiiP Can Help Future-Proof Your Soft Fruit Production, Increase Yields, Save on Labour and Reduce Costs

Sun Sensor

Secures automatic start of watering depending on the light radiation and EC regulation.


Drain Sen

Sun and Drain regulation of the automatic start.

• Informs the mixer of how many drains are left after the watering. Based on this information the mixer gives a start signal for watering by the predefined watering interval.


• Can be expanded with EC and/or pH sensors for reading of drain water.

Soil/Media - Moisture & Temperature Sensor

  • Measuring of humidity and temperature of the growing medium.

  • Gives signal for watering and reduces the risk of drying up.

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Ami Penta - Control

  • Fertiliser and Irrigation mixer

  • Built for now and future needs. •

  • All software is included, so no cost for updates.

  • Simple and advanced control of plant growth.

  • Always delivered with mixing tank.

  • Control of return water.

  • 4 time zones per day – 4 different watering strategies.

  • Flexible set-up of the system.

  • Available in many languages.

  • And a lot more…

Software for central control

To obtain the perfect and most effective system with a full overview, we recommend that you add a SuperLink 6 to the SiiP system. SuperLink 6 is software for central control and is used for collection of data from units installed in more geographical locations – but it is also an immeasurable tool if you have only one location.

irrigation sofware.png

• See your preferred data from different departments from the overview menu.

• Calendar function for planning of future actions

• Central control and change of set-points of installed units.

• Easy change between cultures by use of your own stored plant recipes.

• Report generator for documentation and analysing of growth conditions.

• Quick and easy export of data.

• Central collection of data from climate controls, irrigation and fertiliser mixers from all departments.

• Your own naming of heating valves, windows, screens etc.

• Possible to add set-points to a favourites list.

Senmatic’s Revolutionary Mk3 Decoder Gives True 2-Way Communication to Link Your Poly-Tunnels to SiiP


Connecting the SiiP System to Your Poly-Tunnels

Senmatic’s new generation Mk3 decoder system works on a 2-core wire to connect your irrigation valves and in-field sensors to a single wire, which feeds information back and forward in real-time to the Ami Penta Mixer and SuperLink 6 software.


Key Benefits include:

• Up to 800 decoders per 2-wire interface

• More than 75 sensors per decoder

• Wire runs up to 3km star / 12km loop

• True 2-way communication

• Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities

• Robust UK weather resistant construction

• Competitively priced.

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