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DOROT CONTROL VALVES is proud to present the new catalogue of its solenoid operators. In this catalogue, users will find technical specifications of the new solenoid operators, designed by DOROT for highest performance in irrigation systems.


The DOROT S80-2 operator is designed for electric activation of automatic control valves in irrigation systems controlled by continuous current controllers.

The S80-2 operator offers the highest hydraulic performance, low power consumption and long-life service. The S80-2 operator is assembled directly into the valve bonnet (integral solenoid assembly), or assembled on a 2-way base, allowing electric activation of various control circuits.

The S80-2 offers low sensitivity to dirt and voltage fluctuations and is compatible to most continuous current controllers available.


• On / Off activation of irrigation valves.

• Electric activation of flow and pressure regulation systems. Benefits

• Low sensitivity to dirt.

• Exceptional hydraulic performance (up to 10 bar with 2.4mm orifice)

• Low sensitivity to voltage fluctuations.

• High quality materials for maximum mechanical durability.

• High reliability and low maintenance.

• Compatible with most continuous current controllers available.


PRV - Pressure Regulating Control

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