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Open Field Irrigation

Open Field irrigation commonly consumes large volumes of water, high pressure and large amounts of moving heavy machinery field to field. 

At IrriSmart, we have another option, with over 10 years experience of global micro and drip irrigation solutions. We are confident we can help you save, water, energy, labour & cost plus improve yield, crop quality and your peace of mind. 


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With our wide range of products and solutions we are capable of irrigating any crop on any soil type with any water quality. Common corps include 

  • Potatoes

  • Carrots

  • Onions

  • Salads

  • Hops

  • Seasonal Vegtables 

+ Much more, Not sure if you crop can benefit? 

Get in touch, we are sure we can help.  

Drip Irrigation

Depending on Crop, soil type, water quality, field size and budget. we offer a wide and extensive range of drip irrigation solution:

  • Single season drip tape - budget friendly 

  • Pressure Compensated Tape - Uniform efficiency.

  • Pressure Compensated Hard Pipe - Long lasting, hard waring, guaranteed uniformity solution for multi crop/ season use.

Let us know your soil type, crop water source and budget and we will take care of the rest. 

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Sprinkler Irrigation

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Although our preferred solution would be drip irrigation, we know that not all farms and crops a capable of accommodating drip. That is why we also offer Uniform Sprinkler solution. with a wide range of flow rates and aplication distances we can accurately apply uniform quantities of water to suit crop and soil requirements. 

Looking for better more uniform crops, with higher water savings. We know we can help. 

Unique Complimentary Products

All of our solutions can come as product or project form. Either way we have a wide range of complimentary products. the Most unique is the FlatNet main and header pipe. this is specifically designed for micro & drip field irrigation. this is a light weight, leak free alternative to lay flat or aluminium irrigation pipes. The easy to use product can be rolled out by hand and re rolled for easy storage.  

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