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Welcome to IrriSmart Ltd

Precision Irrigation Solutions



We are a family run business with over 20 years’ experience in the irrigation and horticulture industry.

  • Growing

  • Product Support

  • Product and project management

  • Engineering and installation

  • Control and monitoring systems

  • Management

  • Training and advice

With a keen interest in the horticulture, agriculture, amenity and CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture), we are driven to provide the correct and optimal solutions for any sector.

Covering the whole of England, Wales and Scotland we have a wealth of experience from all four corners of the country as well as input from Holland, France, Spain, Poland, and Israel. No matter what your requirements, we can help. From garden irrigation, sports turf, PYO to large scale nurseries, greenhouse, and agricultural projects.

Whatever you require, we have the widest range of

  • Products

  • Solutions

  • Monitoring and control

  • Training

  • Services and Management

To help you achieve your Growing Goals.

Our Products

Discover how our superior product range can help you grow smarter.

Our product have been carefully selected over many years of supply and installation. This ensures we supply proven, quality products to help growers achieve constant, uniform, and quality crops. Optimizing crop growth, and yield while saving resources, cost and labour.

Don't Just Irrigate - IrriSmart 

2023 Product Catalogue

IrriSmart New 2023 product catalogue is finally here. 

Download now or request a booklet today 

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Senmatic’s Intelligent Irrigation Program (SiiP) is a Fully Automatic Feed & Irrigation Control That Thinks for Itself!

The Fully automatic SiiP system receives a live constant update from in-field sensors via multicore or 2-wire by the revolutionary Mk3 Decoder. The user sets up their target set-points, based on their growing requirements, sits back and focuses on the actual growing of the plants.

The SiiP system takes out the worry regarding, exactly what level of irrigation and feeding is required, when compared to the traditional methods of monitoring your irrigation by hand every 1 to 2 hours or every 30 minutes by radio, assuming no missed signals!

Senmatic Greenhouse Solutions 

IrriSmart Delivers Complete and Configurable Solutions for Horticultural Applications

Commercial glasshouses require solutions for ventilation, temperature regulation, carbon dioxide enrichment, fertiliser and irrigation mixing (fertigation), including water recirculation, and intelligent management of all climate parameters.

Complete and configurable solutions for horticultural applications such as electronic and mechanical climate control, irrigation and fertiliser mixing and LED lighting. Our electronic and mechanical equipment for modern horticultural production is used in almost all horticultural applications, ranging from glasshouses and indoor farming to research facilities and garden centres.

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hpgen ™ is the World’s First Patented H2O2 Processing Unit That Growers Use On Their Own Site

  • Produces ultra-pure, safe, low concentration hydrogen peroxide

  • Highly effective against clogging

  • Works across wide pH window

  • No dripper and irrigation system damage

  • No consumables – only water, electric & air

  • Autonomous “hassle-free” operation

  • No by-products, no limit on recirculation

  • Increased oxygenation

  • Recommended for organic agriculture

  • Reduces system maintenance, increases yield and quality!

IrriSmart Ltd, Tyfu Cymru Growing Wales and ADAS Training Day Tuesday 29th November 2022

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Don't Just Irrigate - IrriSmart

IrriSmart Ltd was founded in 2019 to serve the irrigation and growing needs of UK growers, farmers, propagators, nurseries, gardens and sports pitches & courses. Since then, our company, IrriSmart Ltd, has grown dramatically into a thriving business supporting our customers in all areas of irrigation, growing methods, greenhouse structure and monitoring/control.
The Widest Range of Smart Solutions to Support You.

Making Irrigation Work For You

We’re irrigation people with a huge interest in horticulture, agriculture, amenity and technology, this means we love to talk shop and help growers of all kinds improve irrigation and growing operations.

Whether you’re looking for irrigation solutions for your garden, farm, nursery or sports field, we’d love to help you out.


We founded IrriSmart Ltd in 2019 for our love of growing. Now we serve the local Farmers, Growers, Landscapers and Groundsmen's needs across the UK.

Since then, IrriSmart Ltd, drawing on over 10 years irrigation experience in a huge range of applications from around world, has quickly grown into one of the UK's most trusted Solutions Provider.



IrriSmart Ltd has been providing quality irrigation solutions for many years. We offer everything from irrigation products, solutions, bespoke or packaged systems, to designs and support to all areas of growing.

 Although we focus on our specialty areas, we’re more than happy to guide you towards the right purchase what ever your industry, sector or project.


IrriSmart Ltd has all the irrigation and growing solutions you need. From the essentials, to specialty items, we’ve got everything you need, all in one place. When you purchase from us, you’re guaranteed quality products, expert advice, customer care and manufacturer's warranty covering all our products.



We’re irrigation people with a huge interest in horticulture, agriculture, amenity and technology, this means we love to talk shop and help growers of all kinds improve irrigation and growing operations.

Whether you’re looking for irrigation solutions for your garden, farm, nursery or sports field, we’d love to help you out.


Our on-line web shop and App store, contains images and details of most of our available products. for better prices or bespoke quotations please contact IrriSmart directly via email or the Let's Chat button in the bottom left corner. 

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IrriSmart Ltd are a Innovative and fast progressing company that offer solutions in all areas of precision growing. To keep our growers and customers up to speed with what we are up to, projects and new products/ solutions, we update regular stories and news for new and existing customers to stay up to date with all IrriSmart solutions and innovations.

Tips & Resources

Learn what is required in an irrigation system, how to protect your investment, tips on how to improve performance, how to measure your systems performance and what products will best suit your crops and plans (+ much more)

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