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Landscape (Parks & Gardens) Irrigation

Take Full Control Of Your Garden

Garden and Residential Irrigation ideal for any size and area of the garden. From Uniform Turf Irrigation to border drip lines and hanging basket. all can be controlled from smart residential irrigation controllers, and sensors. take the guess work out of you garden or allotment irrigation with a professional cost effective watering system and never drag a hose again!  

Landscape Irrigation: Service
Garden Sprinklers.png

Garden Sprinklers

Sprinkler System not only protect the investment of an attractive landscape, they also help save time, water, and money.

Garden Drip.jpg

Boarder Driplines

Drip irrigation, delivers water directly to the root zone of the plant. This method gives complete uniform irrigation, & offers users the most value, with better control and water savings.

Also Available - sub-surface for under turf irrigation

BTT Controller.jpg

Irrigation Controllers

Irrigation controllers offer control for all you garden and landscape irrigation. the controllers control when and where you want your irrigation to start/stop. 

these controller can be singe tap timers to multi zone programable controllers. 


WIFI Controllers

Our WIFI Controllers offer the same high level of control as with the slandered controllers, except they can be monitored and programmed from anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Not only this, the controller can also use data from either weatherunderground or local sensors to manipulate the irrigation to suit local climate conditions. 

Test your water connection and see if you have the correct water (flow and Pressure) requirements for our irrigation systems. 

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