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Vineyard Solutions

Due to the recent changes in climate, more and more grower are turning to viticulture and uk wine production. IrriSmart offer a range of solutions to help improve and protect vineyard crops. using our experience from French production as well as using our world wide agronomical contacts and suppliers. IrriSmart has the widest range of solutions available to UK Vineyards. If its not currently available our network will make it happen. 


Drip Irrigation 

Drip Irrigation – We understand that for UK wine production growers are looking to create an element of stress in the crop rather than irrigating. However we're using Low flow drip irrigation and use Regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) strategies. This way growers control when, where and how much water is applied to vine crops and using RDI grower can gradually restrict moisture at key growth stages across the season. This then keeps plants at the exact the right moisture levels to produce great tasting wines. 

Frost Protection

Frost protection using sprinklers traditionally has been an expensive option (although it is one of the most reliable when installed correctly). However, due to improved technology with pressure compensated strip sprinklers we can reduce the volume of water applied by 50%. This mean allows for lower cost in infrastructure. When combining frost protection and irrigation systems growers can spread the cost across the 2 solutions getting the most out there investment.

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Using drip irrigation is not only about applying water to a crop.

Nowadays our systems are designed as a delivery system. Due to the uniform aplication or our drip irrigation lines we are also able to uniformly apply nutrients, pH regulation, nematode treatment and other pest and disease treatment directly to the plants root zone of every plant. 

with properly designed systems we can manage exactly what nutrients are applied at what and what volume. by using fertigation growers will save on fertilisers, machine use, and labour. 

Vineyard Monitoring

Monitoring and control are becoming essential in all areas of agriculture and horticulture, and this is no different in viticulture. 

IrriSmart monitoring solutions are not just focused at irrigation, fertigation and moisture. We also offer Crop health, insect monitoring, climate conditions, frost warnings, real time remote field monitoring,  and soil conditions. 

  • If there is anything particular you think is relevant to the Vineyard industry, we can help it become a reality.


Drip Lines

IrriSmart offer 2 bespoke dripline solutions, The spacings and flow rates have been developed over may years in French vineyards although we can create bespoke to suit any location, climate, environment, planting or soil type.

  • UniWine AS – this system is designed for new vineyard and is installed below the surface, this reduces damage from insects and animals, also transpiration, and humidity therefore reducing disease risk.

  • UniWine RC – is specifically designed for established vineyards and can be laid on the ground or clipped to wire support to keep it away from damage.

    • Both system give 100% uniform aplication from the first emitter to the last. And with proper system design will give 100% uniform aplication of water and nutrients across the whole vineyard.


Our Fertiliser dosing systems (Fertigation systems). come in a range of sizes and control types,. all of our systems are expandable to grow with you as you grow. 

The systems can control and apply fertiliser based on volume, percentage or EC. 

For most crops pH determines the up take of nutrient by the plant. with our systems w can monitor and control the pH levels in the water in order to achieve maximum nutrient up take. some water supply can he very high pH levels, for the we can pre treat in a water storage tank that will stabilise the pH before it enters the irrigation system. 

along with pH and nutrient control, the system can be used to apply nematode control disinfection aplication that help control pest and soil born diseases. 

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